Why Choose Us?

We are on a relentless journey to make every beer a premium experience no matter what your favorite style is or where you consume it. Fizzics not only improves the taste and mouth-feel of beer, but it also brings people together in the name of creativity and adventure. We never settle. We're constantly striving to improve and advance. One beer at a time.

DraftPour is our third generation product featuring our patented Micro-Foam technology. Completely redesigned with features and benefits based on feedback from customers, brewmasters, beer drinkers, and four years of taste testing every beer we could find. Fizzics converts any beer into a smooth and creamy nitro-style pour that will take your bottles and cans to another level.

Beer poured through a DraftPour is a truly unique experience and we are thrilled to share it with beer lovers around the world.

"This product from Fizzics is just what I was looking for. It literally turns canned or bottled beer into draft quality beer from the keg. I was very hesitant at first about making the purchase, but after using this for the first time, I’m so happy I did. If you’re a beer lover, this is a must-have in your home. I may have to buy more of these for gifts."

Shawn Woodward